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Tangible emissions - CO2 challenge

Tangible emissions - CO2 challenge

We are currently living in the Anthropocene, also known as the Age of Man. The enormous impact that humanity has had on the earth defines this era. This impact will not only be felt by the earth but by all living organisms on this earth. As a result, nations are rushing to develop plans to meet their ambitious pledges under the Paris Agreement.

To meet these pledges, public participation is required, and that participation can only be based on general awareness of the problem. One of the difficulties in presenting the scope of the problem is the invisibility of carbon dioxide.

The transportation sector emits approximately 900 million kg of CO2, the weight of which few people know fully, either in terms of weight or volume.

This project aims to make carbon dioxide visible in order to raise awareness and, hopefully, increase willingness to act on the issue.

The weights can be rented for various events. Additionally, education relevant to the weights and the impacts is available on-site or remotely.