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The Bus School

Public transport is a form of transport that has long been difficult to develop in Iceland. There has been little tradition of utilizing public tra

Leifur Arnar - Food waste project

The Leifur Arnar project aims to raise awareness about the climate, environmental, and the effects of food waste and the use of pr

The Green Funnel

It is critical that leftover oil be collected and properly treated, not only to prevent oil from clogging pipes but also so that the collected oil

The Green Basket

Organic waste has been sorted and composted in Akureyri for over a decade. Every household in town has a green basket for organic waste, and the re

The Green Tour

A tour of the initiatives that have been taken in the Akureyri area focusing on energy, reducing waste and circular economy

The Magnet

Visualisation project for residents of Akureyri

KortEr - Quarter

Walking/cycling/public transport encouragement aimed at residents where the objective is to visualize how the distances in Akureyri are fairly short. This solution can be used anywhere in the world (the app/website is only in Icelandic but very visual)

Tangible emissions - CO2 challenge

The CO2 challenge is a mobile exhibition that can be set up wherever it is needed. The project includes a CO2 challenge with carbon weights as well as promotional materials.