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The Green Funnel

The Green Funnel

It is critical that leftover oil be collected and properly treated, not only to prevent oil from clogging pipes but also so that the collected oil can be reused in biodiesel production.

Orkey, Efnamótakan, and other waste collectors have worked hard in recent years to develop a reliable system for collecting frying oil for Orkey's biodiesel production. Leftover oil is collected from restaurants and cafeterias directly from them, while oil from the general public is collected through the Green Funnel - Energy from the Kitchen project. Residents of Akureyri are given the Green Funnel (shown below) for free to make it easier for them to collect their used oil. When residents have finished filling their bottles, they can return them to one of the various drop-off locations located throughout town.

Orkey uses the collected oil and produces biodiesel, which can then be used to power the local buses. 

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