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The Green Tour

The Green Tour

Vistorka in Akureyri has been offering tours for groups based on the sustainable use of energy resources for several years. Depending on the interest of each groups we will design an appropriate tour. We begin at Vistorka's offices, where the group will be given a brief overview of the projects on which Vistorka has been working over the years. After that, a Vistorka employee will join the group in their bus and take them on a short tour of Akureyri and Eyjafjörður. 

During the journey, we can visit Orkey, which produces biodiesel from used frying oil and animal fat, Norurorka's methane station, which produces methane from heap gas from old landfills in Glerárdalur, and Glerárvirkjanir, which produces electricity from Glerá. The journey continues into Eyjafjordur, where we visit Laugaland and explore hot water wells before stopping at the Molta composting station.

The Green Tour - Akureyri and Eyjafjörður

Certain tourists are drawn to destinations that emphasize sustainability and the interaction of man and nature. The following are possible stops on the Green Tour:

There is a growing interest in such trips among certain groups of tourists and student groups.